Who Can Benefit From White Card Possession?

A career in the construction sector is most dangerous but also rewarding. If workers understand the importance of workplace safety then a career in the construction niche need not be hazardous. If you are planning to start a career in the Australian construction industry due to its current boom and plenty of opportunities, then the first step is to acquire a White Card.

You need to get enrolled at a white card training course like offered in Skillsify. To attain a certificate you will need to complete general construction induction training. It is federally necessary but it is more than that. The white card course helps to maintain a top safety record in the construction sector.

Who benefits from white card possession?

  • Legal requirement – The law dictates that every person who works at the construction site must have a white card certificate. The actual benefit is that the construction induction training teaches candidates construction safety basics and knowledge associated with how to stay safe at high-risk under-construction building sites. It is mandatory for every construction worker irrespective of their rank or experience.
  • Employers – Employers find the white cardholder to be an advantageous recruit because it means reduced downtime because of injury. Besides, high productivity rates amongst workers. This is a long-term benefit for their construction business bottom line. Employers must ensure that a safe work environment is offered, so the employees need to receive proper training before they enter the site. It includes general construction induction as well as site-specific training.
  • Recruiters – A valid white card certificate indicates to the recruiters that you are qualified for working safely at the construction site.
  • Co-workers – Abiding by safety regulations protect not just you but even your co-workers. For example, keep your work area clean during your shift to lessen slip and trip risks related not just to you but even the coworkers. A single wrong move can place you or your coworker at risk. Training develops a safety attitude making you stay aware during the shift.
  • Your livelihood – It is common sense to stay protected not just for your health & safety but even your livelihood. Your livelihood depends on your good health. The construction sector is the fourth most risky industry in Australia. Therefore, safety training plays a huge role.

There are multiple benefits of working in the construction industry with a white card course certificate. You gain the opportunity to work anywhere across Australia because the construction induction training card is valid in every state and territory.

What to expect from the white card course?

You will learn everything about the legal requirements for construction site health and safety in Australia. You will be taught –

  • How important it is to wear personal protective equipment [PPP]?
  • How to follow warning signs as well as adhere to identifiers?
  • How to report safety problems at the worksite?
  • How to handle workplace health & safety hazards?
  • How to detect and reduce safety hazards?
  • What is the significance of good housekeeping?
  • Advice on harassment and bullying
  • Advice regarding smoking policies
  • Basic risk management principles

After completion of training, candidates are given a training statement, which allows them to start working on construction sites. You are registered by RTO and a plastic white card is issued in 8 weeks. The certificate stays valid, but if you don’t work for two years and more in construction then the card expires.