Be Creative and Use Apothecary Jars as Decoration Pieces

Today, vintage amber bottle jars or apothecary jars are gaining enormous popularity. These are containers with lids available in different shapes and sizes. These jars have become a prominent part of home and garden decoration.

This beautiful display jar has many different uses. These jars are just like trays and can fill them with whatever you like. The apothecary jars instantly adapt the intentional look and structure. If you love decorating your house and looking for these jars, then Aussies Candle Supplies is the place for you.

The Aussies Candle Supplies offers a great range of decorative pieces, candle-making supplies, and soap making supplies, fragrances and many more. This place is the ultimate destination for the hobbyist or people who like crafts and making things. If you are looking for ideas to use apothecary jars to decorate your place, here are a few ideas. These ideas will help you incorporate these vintage amber glass jars and give an elegant look to your house.

The mood of the season

You can fill your apothecary jars with flowers, leaves or something that signifies the season. To signify winter, fill your apothecary jars with pine cones, a bed of evergreen and flocked stones. You can use moss with bird nests to signify spring. For summer, you can use sea glass and sand with shells.

You can try to create a snapshot of the time or precisely speaking the mood of the season. Showing the season in a little vignette will surely set the mood in your house.

Pop up colours in the kitchen

The apothecary jars have many uses when it comes to the kitchen. It is not for storing groceries but something like that. You can use these jars as the focal point of your kitchen. You fill the jars with different fruits like apples, pears, oranges, and limes to pop up colours in the kitchen.

You can also use these jars in your beverage section for holding mints, coffee beans, cookies, or marshmallows. At the same time, you can use apothecary jars for storing pasta, dried beans, flour, and sugar to make it great filler in the kitchen. The most colourful way of using apothecary jars is to use them as candy jars. Using apothecary jars as a parfait jar sounds good too.

Store your necessities

You can keep simple necessities you store in your bathroom or around your dresser in these jars. You can keep q-tips and cotton balls in these jars. At the same time, you can use tall jars for storing decorative soaps or your makeup bruises. It can make simple things more elegant.

You can also use your apothecary jars as –

  • Terrarium jar
  • Floral jar
  • Creative jar
  • Collection jar

There are many things you can use these jars for. You can use it as a light stand to highlight a specific corner of your decor. You can use any creative ideas for incorporating apothecary jars as a piece of decoration in your house. Even if you store corks of wine bottles, it will come out as a decorative piece. So, a little brainstorming is what you need to use these jars for decorating your house.