Find The Top 5 Wealth Management Platforms

Do you want to know more about wealth management platforms? If yes, then proceed further to find more about top 5 wealth management platforms. In general, wealth management firms mainly depend upon various platforms to provide quick, efficient and accurate wealth management services to a various number of clients. At present, the market is completely flooded with various wealth management platforms and each claim to be effective at providing unique and advanced features. It is time-consuming and impractical for various firms to test all kinds of platforms that are readily available in the market. Here is the top 5 to make things easier.

Top 5 wealth management platforms:

  • AdvisorEngine

This platform is one of the best wealth management platforms due to its cutting-edge features and all in one nature. It has the potential to empower wealthy advisors and also it can facilitate your clients too. This platform gives a high-level of customer satisfaction, which is possible with its CRM Junxure. With this, wealth advisors can digitally start their client on boarding journey and then offer various benefits.

  • Oranj

This is also one of the most effective wealth management platforms and offers the most advanced features. This makes it a very capable wealth management system. Through the help of the wealth advisor dashboard, users can perform top-notch client management functions such as browsing contacts, connecting with clients, checking their net worth and financial goals, monitoring investments and managing accounts.

  • RIA in a Box

This kind of wealth management platform can be suitable for wealth managers who are focused on risk assessment and compliance. The company offers you some compliance packages for private fund advisers along with the registration option with SEC or state. Apart from that, the private fund platform includes access to customized risk assessment tools,monitoring fund inventory, and compliance updates on obligatory documentation.

  • Dorsum

Due to the easy integration of the platform, it can be effectively built for private banking departments,wealth management companies,wealth managers, and portfolios. This kind of effective platform provides you many benefits that portfolio managers require in their wealth management platform. Wealth managers can access various portfolios for many clients based on smart portfolio management tools.

  • Temenos Infinity Wealth

The analytics and artificial intelligence embedded in this platform provides wealth managers with the ability to craft portfolios based on the requirements of the customers. It is backed up by data with less human intervention. You should also know that the analytics feature clearly shows various analyses that can help wealth managers.


The above top 5 wealth management platforms cover all important aspects of the industry. Now is the right time for you to choose the most effective platform for you and then proceed further.


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