When Should You Decide to Junk Your Old Vehicle?

You must be driving your car and then decided to buy another car and the old car remained unused for pretty long time. Soon it will become your junk item and will lose its value completely. Therefore, if you want to get good value of your old vehicle then you must know what the right time is to sell it before it becomes a complete junk item?

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Following are few signs that you must look for in order to decide whether you should junk your old car.

  1. You need frequent repairing

When your repair bill increases so much that it even exceeds the market value of your car then it should no longer be used.

  1. Nobody is interested to buy your car

You find that nobody takes any interest to buy your car even if you are ready to sell it at far lower price than your expectation.

  1. Car is not good enough to accommodate all your family members

If the number of family member has increased and you cannot accommodate your whole family then it is right time that you should look for bigger car and sell the present one.

  1. High mileage

If you find that fuel consumption of your car has increased to very higher level then, it will create a hole in your pocket and better to get rid of it.

  1. Most vehicle parts are getting rusted

If you notice that majority of the parts of your vehicle is in rusted condition then it is better to sell it rather than using any more.

  1. You are often caught by road traffic police

If often you are caught by traffic police due to certain short comings in your old car, then you must stop driving it on the road.

  1. You lost the title of the car

If by chance you have misplaced your title of the vehicle then neither can you drive it nor sell it. It is better to junk the car in such case.

  1. You have already driven more than 200,000 miles

Once car has already run more than 200,000 miles then most of the life of your vehicle has already gone, so you must get rid of it.

  1. You are not enjoying driving your old car

If you find frequent nagging problems while driving your old car then surely you will not enjoy driving it.

  1. Your car has become too unsafe to drive

Often the condition of car becomes so much unsafe then it will be not only dangerous to drive such cars on the road but also it can hurt any others driving on the road too.

You may contact any junk removal service whenever you observe any one or more than one of the above signs.

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