Designing a Logo That the Client Will Love

Designing a new logo or revamping an old one for a client is a careful and creative process that is as much a journey as it is a destination.


Before you begin the design process you will need to do your research, both about the company itself and about their market, and target audience. Explain to them what your process will look like and the time table they can expect. Make them aware that the first round of choices you present to them may not be the final one, and that you are committed to helping them on this journey of discovery.

Ask important questions like what they hope to communicate with their logo, what values are important to their brand identity, and if they are rebranding what they both like and dislike about their current logo. You should also do some investigation about the market they are situated in to see what the industry best practices are and what their target audience has come to expect and look for in design. Keep in mind the importance of color and form, and it wouldn’t hurt to brush up on these aesthetic foundations.


Another tip is to create the logo for synergy. It should look attractive in all formats, on all scales, and across many different platforms. Whether you are responsible for their social media presence or not, their new design should be attractive on these mediums and be able to scale down to the size of a business card and scale up to the size of a billboard.

Whether you are doing the custom design completely by yourself or working with a white label business logo design, the coordinated efforts of all involved should ensure that the client is satisfied with their options and your communication with them is efficient.


Sometimes it is helpful to bring in extra help. Especially if you have been asked to multitask or branch outside your area of expertise. Sometimes a customer may tack on a “Can you do a logo too?”, or “You’re doing the websites right?”, leaving you scrambling for time and focus. Instead of trying to halfway attempt one project or the other, you can work with a third party to provide one option, while you focus on the main task you were hired for.

By working closely with your white label business logo design, or white label business web design you can both create something spectacular that will be sure to please the client, and both jobs will be done to their utmost quality.

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