Questions to Ask Potential Google Ad Management Agency Before Hiring

PPC campaign management can be a little challenging for some online business owners. If you are among the ones struggling to manage your Google Adword campaign, then hire an agency. The professionals can do the hard task on your behalf.

There are many Google Ad management agencies, so choosing the right one is a hard job. Going with the first random one is a bad idea. Check the potential agency’s reliability and credibility.

For example, AIA is the best Google ads agency SydneyAustralian Internet Advertising agency has been helping large and small businesses to gain maximum value from their PPC campaigns and attain the highest ROI.

Questions to ask potential Google Ad Management Agency before hiring

Is the agency considered ‘Premier Google Partner’?

Being a Premier Google Partner makes a difference from being just ‘Google Partner’. Only some companies have maintained this premier status. Such companies are committed to delivering great results within your budget. Until now they have been hitting specific benchmarks with every account. The professionals have dedicated effort and time to understand the ins and outs of PPC ads.

Is the agency transparent?

You need an agency that willingly shares expertise and information with their clients. You need to be aware of what the agency does in your account as well as how often they work. The agency needs to offer access to every ad account, performance, and cost. Lack of transparency means a red signal that the team is less committed.

How often will you get the reports?

Often, customers are connected with their Analytics & Adwords accounts. It allows getting familiar with the data on each action taken and its performance. You can get an analysis report along with details of potential data trends.

AIA offers customized reports, which reveal your Adword account performance daily. Ask about the reporting cycle frequency and format it will get delivered.

What is the communication frequency?

There has to be frequent communication regarding the updates or account changes or other concerns. Such a relationship between the agency and customers define success. Fortunately, you can employ chat software for regular communication. It increases some accountability levels.

Has the agency worked on the campaign as yours?

Previous experience is beneficial. It ensures the agency has a suitable skillset to identify how your target buyers can get motivated. If they specialize in a specific niche means there is a possibility that they will be working with your competitors.

Some agencies work amazingly with Search ads, while a few outdo at eCommerce shopping ads. So, ensure their experience is in synch with your needs.

What is their fee structure?

Each agency differs in its fee structure.

  • Flat fee per campaign
  • Charge Ad spend a percentage
  • Overall management fee

Even ask what their overage policy is if the ad campaign goes over budget.

Asking the above questions will allow you to hire a top Google Ad management agency. Avoid prioritizing the price factor, but opt for an agency that understands your needs and will help to fulfill your goals.

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