How to Correctly Implement a Body Scanning System

The COVID-19 virus has disrupted just about every facet of “normal” life and raised some interesting questions about keeping workplaces safe. First and foremost is attaining a balance between a person’s personal space and privacy and making sure they are not sick as well as how to go about that. If you are considering installing a body temperature gate in Orlando, FL, here are some basic human resources factors to consider.

Check with Legal

You should check with your legal department before installing any type of device that involuntarily collects any type of personal data from an employee. Further, you should adhere to their advice and the advice of the EEOC throughout your screening process. Getting this wrong could lead to lawsuits.

Temperature is Not the Decider

Many people think that anyone with a temperature has or could have a COVID-19 infection. The reality is that temperature is just one of several symptoms. As you incorporate a body temperature gate at your entry points, make sure anyone monitoring the temperature of employees or customers understand that an elevated temperature must also be accompanied with other COVID-19 infection symptoms for you to restrict their access to your facility.


More and more studies are indicating that some people can be infected and show no symptoms. With these cases, additional symptoms must be present in order for an employer to send an employee home. With regards to customers, there is not much you can do other than ask a customer to honor your wish that if they have exhibited symptom for COVID-19 infection in the last 72 hours that they not frequent your establishment.

Federal Employment Law

As you set your temperature scanners up, it is vital that you adhere to both the Americans with Disabilities Act and EEO guidelines, even if your company is not required to follow either by the letter of the law. Not following their advice, even if your intentions are good, can get you in trouble.

A body temperature gate in Orlando FL, is one way of keeping your employees and customers disease free. Implementing a system that incorporates scanners, though, requires careful planning and execution.

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