Tips in Decorating Your Tradeshow Booth

Participating in trade shows opens many opportunities for businesses. The primary goal of exhibitors is to make a great first impression and attract the right attendees through effectively designed booths. Startups and lesser-known brands need to use this opportunity to introduce what they’re all about. Here are some tips to decorate their kiosks and stand out in any sales event, from signage to pipe and drape kits.

Match Everything With the Company Logo

The secret to staying on brand is being consistent throughout the entire booth area. This means companies need to match their business logo’s specifications to their designs. They must stick to their color palette and style for better brand recognition.

For instance, if their company logo is mostly white with a pop of blue and orange, their kiosks also need to display these colors. These are the only shades that must be seen throughout the booth, although they can use other neutral hues, like black and gray, minimally. Their brand’s theme should be uniform across all design materials, such as banners, images, freebies, and even their tables and chairs.

Ensure the Copy Is Clear and Readable

Arial, Helvetica, Geneva, and Times New Roman are considered to be the most easily read sans-serif fonts. But, companies still need to refer to their logo as a guide. Businesses should use only 2 to 3 text designs at the same time to make their copy look structured and professional.

As for the size, they can add an inch to the height for every foot away the viewers will stand. For instance, they can set their font to 10 inches so the visitors can read the text comfortably from a 3-meter distance.

Light It Up

Apart from making the booth more welcoming, good lighting helps company logos and messages stand out. Those with a neutral or pastel color theme can use this technique to draw attention to their setup.

LED spotlights can be placed around the edges of graphics to emphasize the text without interfering with the overall appearance of a kiosk. This design element also creates interest and mood. Plus, it’s not expensive, and it can upgrade the look of any drape.

Use Digital Graphic

Digital signage does a great job of attracting attention. They show changing images, like business logos or videos of products and services. The variety and on-screen action are a powerful combination because they deliver a strong message.

These are just some tips when designing a trade show kiosk. Companies need to buy or rent materials, like a pipe and drape kit, an LED screen, stanchions, and spotlights from a reputable agency to ensure they can rely on these tools when advertising their business.

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