Get to Know Chandelier Styles And How To Choose Right Size

A chandelier can make a powerful statement, as soon as you walk into the room. Choosing the right sparkling halo can be an overwhelming task. Chandelier has a vast history, where the original pieces were composed of candles. In medieval times, only the wealthy had a crown or ring designs. In the 18th century, Venetian and Bohemian glassmakers included crystals into the chandelier designs, which refracted light from the crystal prisms.

Today, the liking for chandeliers is persistent and you can come across an array of styles available. Just visit Sofary, an online lighting showroom to check on the collection of designer chandeliers they offer.

Outline of chandelier styles

The candle chandelier – It is an ancient and decorative chandelier including scrolling filigree and arms. Today, the candle chandeliers operate on electricity but they still feature drip pans. It adds regency to any room!

The crown chandelier – It is also called the ring chandelier because there is a metal hoop supporting the arms or candles. Common motifs include animal horns, branches, plants, etc. It is connected with rustic lodge style!

The crystal chandelier – Crystal ring chandeliers offer glamorous looks, which is eye-catching. It creates romantic lighting in the living room or any other space. It has a huge price tag but worth the cost.

The drum chandelier – It resembles a pendant light including a lampshade that encircles the light-flowing for muted and warm brightness.

The island chandelier – It looks different than the popular circular shape. It has an elongated shape resembling long tables or Kitchen Island.

The miniature chandelier – It’s a smaller version of the grand chandelier, which makes the same kind of statement but takes up less space. These baby chandeliers are ideal in the nursery, bedroom, closet space, and bathroom.

The modern chandelier – It features straight and clean lines, which is not visible in other chandelier styles. It rebels against traditional lavish chandelier styles. Modern chandeliers have little detailing but add a contemporary unregretful edge to a room.

The shaded chandelier – The shades add appeal to a bedroom as it creates soft romantic brightness. It adds a feel of nuance and jazz to space.

The tiered chandelier – From contemporary to rustic, you get tiered chandelier in multiple styles. It adds a wow factor to space with a high ceiling.

Which is the right size chandelier?

For foyer or entryway

  • Height – The mantra is higher the ceiling, taller the chandelier. The math is simple – For every one foot of high add 2.5” fixture height. If the room has ceiling height at 9 foot then the fixture height needed = 9×2.5 = 22.5”.
  • Diameter – Diameter is equal to the room’s perimeter [Length + Width]. Treat the sum of length and width as inches. For example, the room has a length of 10 feet and a width of 14 feet. Its perimeter is 10+14 = 24 feet. The chandelier’s diameter will be 24 inches [feet have to be treated as inches].

For Kitchen Island or Dining room table

  • Height – The chandelier has to be hung as low as 30” to 34” over the tabletop.
  • Diameter – The chandelier to be hungover tabletop has to be 1 foot less than tabletop width, to avoid your head from banging. In case, you wish to hang two small chandeliers then choose diameter 1/3rd of the table width.

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