The Environmental Impact of Reusable Grocery Bags

Generally, bags are of numerous kinds, but the most used one among them for convenience purpose were the plastic bags. Due to awareness about the harmful impact of using plastic material on the environment they are totally banned to manufacture or use in many countries. Hence, the other forms of bags are favored as the reusable grocery bags that are commonly known as tote bags.

Reusable grocery bags: 

These kinds of bags are largely available and are designed by using materials like cotton, hemp, paper and even nonwoven polypropylene. They are termed to be eco friendly material and thus used widely today. Unlike single use plastic bags that have adverse effects on the surroundings, these reusable bags are eco-friendly.

Salient features of these bags:

  • Durable – Materials like cotton, jute and nonwoven polypropylene are the best to use for many years. You need not worry while carrying heavy items as there are least chances of the cloth material tearing off.
  • They are for versatile usage purposes – You can carry any kind of item and are the best for carrying grocery items of any kind. Easy to use as you can fold them and store. Bags stitched using cloth material can be washed and thus preferable to carry clean new looking bags anytime.
  • Easily available in various pattern, designs, shapes and size. There are fashionable trendy bags that even enhance your stylish image. Most of the bags are highly fashionable.


The best beneficial feature of the bag is that they don’t cause pollution unlike plastic bags. They degrade easily and won’t harm the growth of vegetation. You can have your custom grocery bags from any corner of the world through online sources. There are few leading manufacturers of bags ready to customize as per your requirement at affordable price. One such online platform is of custom grocery While using eco friendly bags you will reap its benefits, but at the same time realize its cons too. Mentioned below are some of its disadvantages.


Some of the disadvantages are:

  • Bags are used to carry vegetables and even fleshy items from the market, thus there are chances of microorganism growth on the bag that can spread in the place where the bags are stored. It only happens when the bags aren’t immediately washed or destroyed after use.
  • You face problems with certain bags as the material may not be long lasting, some aren’t moisture resistant thus can’t carry liquid items, need to find space for them to carry as it can’t be folded like plastic bags. Another issue is that the materials once washed may shrink or their colors fade looking old and shabby.


Hence, popular among the recyclable bags are the bags made of good quality cotton and nonwoven polypropylene material. They can be washed often, don’t wear off or change their appearance while in regular use. Good quality bags may be costlier compared to paper bags and regular tote bags, but for life span usage they are the best. Thus, don’t go for cheaper recycle grocery bags, buy good quality bags that is known to last for years.

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